Награды игроков


Неделя (Вид)
 December 2020 

Недельные награды за неделю 52, Dec 27 2020 - Jan 02 2021

Player Action Awards

ru Lytnya has the highest skill with 334.31

Player with the highest skill

lv Lavren has killed the most players (15)

Player with the most kills (any team)

uz Lastking has commited suicide the most (1)

Players with nothing to live for

VAZ has been online the longest (00:38:16)

Player with the most online time

Individual Weapon Awards

ru 1Rybas has the most ak47 kills (7)

Most kills with a ak47

md KoBaJlb has the most m4a1 kills (5)

Most kills with a m4a1

by POWER RANGER CHYR YA BELIY has the most grenade kills (1)

Most kills with a grenade

lv Lavren has the most awp kills (14)

Most kills with a awp